Just think about it. Several years ago, right here on Earth, people were sold at auctions and forcibly employed in fields and mines. Many were chained to prevent fleeing, and whipping was the most common punishment for their smallest mistakes. All of these were only because of the color of their skin, just because they were black.

Certainly, at this point, it is quite difficult for you to imagine such a situation and it even seems funny to you. However, I have to ask you to stop laughing since those slaves are here again and you might not believe me when I tell you that a novel and new slavery system has come to existence and started working right under our very noses.

During the slavery era, it was very difficult for people to perceive that the variation in the color of human skin fundamentally relates to genetic issues, and the amount of melanin in the skin is a very decisive factor. On those days, people who had more melanin pigment in their skin were regarded as black and abnormal people who belonged to lower strata of society.

The slavery system, today and in its latest advancement, has considered fetuses (future humans) that have an extra chromosome as abnormal and low-rank fetuses (future humans), regarded them worthless, and attempted to commit genocide!

Do you know anything about this genocide? Nowadays, many fetuses, who have an extra chromosome, are killed alive in the mothers’ uteri lest a person with Down syndrome may not be born. This is while research has shown that fetuses having Down syndrome, like all other fetuses, are very likely to feel pain after the 20th week of their fetal lives.

Can you believe that in this modernity and technology era, in the UK, abortion is completely legal until birth? That is, a mother can kill her Down syndrome fetus until childbirth, just because her fetus has an extra chromosome and it is considered worthless. Hence, it does not matter when it is killed. In the UK, approximately 90% of Down syndrome fetuses are destroyed.

The new slavery system allows future parents to kill their Down syndrome fetus at the 20th week, 25th week, 30th week of pregnancy, or basically at any time before childbirth when the fetus has to suffer great pain to die. Why? Just because they own their fetus’s body and this is something personal. Indeed, it is none of our business. We cannot even ask a question about it since it makes us look like fuddy-duddy people who are real stick-in-the-muds.

Can you believe that people with Down syndrome have been eradicated in Iceland? Is the news of the genocide of people with Down syndrome in Iceland important to you? In Iceland, by implementing certain health policies, the live births of people with Down syndrome have been close to 0. In this country, with the abortion of every Down syndrome fetus, they put an end to a person’s life, whom, in authorities’ eyes, may bring about serious consequences and is not worth the extra burden it imposes on society.

In many countries all around the world, Down syndrome fetuses are sometimes considered as slaves with an extra chromosome who live inside their mothers’ bodies and whose mothers possess them. Their lives are even sometimes in the hands of the government, owned by the government’s health departments, and/or owned by global research departments.

Why is there so much fear about the high number of people with Down syndrome in the world?

Yeah! Yeah! I know. We are the absolute rulers of this planet. We are human beings with 46 chromosomes that have 23 pairs of chromosomes and our superior population has given us the self-confidence to decide the fate of all other different creatures. Yeah! I know! I know that we have built a very advanced world so that if a child’s body is abused, all institutes and organizations active in the field of children’s rights will organize campaigns, write letters, and pursue the issue legally to support that child around the world. I have found the problem with fetuses having Down syndrome. Their problem is that they cannot talk about their pain, especially after the pain imposed on them after the 20th week. You know their more serious problem is that they do not have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to organize a campaign and take refuge in that haven.

The fetal slavery system created based on the number of chromosomes states that whenever two adults, under any circumstances, decide to go after an intimate relationship, they can do so. The worst scenario is that they will end up having a Down syndrome fetus, for killing whom they have 9 months to think. It is 2020 and it is so wrong to occupy your minds with some sets of cells called a fetus, the fetus with Down syndrome who is not worth this much speculation!

Nowadays, Down syndrome fetuses are not that different from black people who lived many years ago. Nobody cares about them. Many black people were killed and died and never had the opportunity to fall in love and get married, only and only because of the pigment of their skin. And today, Down syndrome fetuses die and do not even get the chance to fall in love and live, just because of the number of their chromosomes.

Welcome to the modern fetal slavery era.

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