About us

In 2012, the founder of wall 47, Dr.Azade Abbas Zade, launched a campaign, “-1”, which soon became a global campaign. The campaign was introduced to the world in one of the most known websites for Down Syndrome, Special Miracle.

Here is my medical office and who have Down Syndrome are my best friends. Our dear healthy friends in the world, read this:

We have 47 chromosomes and you have 46, you have one less (-1).
This is a fact and so we are unable to do anything about it, but we have something special: a hammer for life…a special breaker. We are very simple and plain and this simplicity and clarity breaks through all the difficulties and complexities of this modern life; as strong as a hammer.

My friends and I

“Wall 47” is a leading project in Iran and the whole world. So far, it is launched in many provinces of our country. “Wall 47” is manifested on main streets’ walls of cities in each province with three main characteristics:

  1. The walls should be on the main-street-side
  2. The walls should be on crowded area of the city
  3. The wall should be on a proper urban area

These walls manifest handmade artefacts, drawings, short stories, calligraphy, and designing arts of people with Down Syndrome. These walls do not belong to a temporary project, rather they belong to people with Down Syndrome and their activities for ever. Indeed, it is a new place for showing all the potentials of people with Down Syndrome, who are believed to be “retarded” be majority group of the society.

This project has been started by Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh, at her personal cost, and continued its way by running wall 47 in Gilan, Semnan, Kerman, Fars, Qom, Abadeh, Zanjan, Qazvin, and Sirjan, as well as inaugurating the first “Park for Angels of Wall 47″.

Contact us:

Tooba Building, Koohak Blvd., chitgar, Tehran, Iran


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