Ruh Global IMPACT
Debra M. Ruh – CEO
18122 Vontay Rd.
Rockville, VA 23146 USA
Date: 17 August 2021
Dr. Azadeh Abbas Zadeh
CEO of Down Syndrome Research Center at IUMS
CEO & Founder of Wall47
CEO & Founder of IFDADS
Tehran, Iran
RE: Appointment letter for the position of Project Executive Director of Research
Dear Dr. Azadeh Abbas Zadeh,
This letter is to formally appoint you to the position of Project Executive Director of
Research at Ruh Global IMPACT. Your reputation, expertise, and dedication to supporting
the Persons with Disabilities communities internationaly are exemplary and well known.
Your efforts in this position is critically important to our organization and necessary to jointly
dedicate research and analysis to create and successfully implement programs that
support the Persons with Disabilities communities locally in Iran and internationally.
We are grateful to you for accepting this appointed position with Ruh Global IMPACT
without compinsation. If you require any additional information regarding your position and
activities associated with our project work, please contact Richard Streitz, COO at Ruh
Global IMPACT. You can contact Richard directly via email at
Best Regards,
Debra M. Ruh
Ruh Global IMPACT

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